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Brief History

Welcome to the Transport Aircraft Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Transport Aircraft Division of HAL was set up in 1960 to manufacture the HS-748, a medium haul turbo-prop passenger transport aircraft. Over the years, it has vastly developed its infrastructure and capabilities and undertaken the manufacture of variety of aircraft and aerospace structural assemblies and components for both domestic and International market. The total number of aircraft delivered are as follows:                                                                                                                                                                              
HS-748 Aircraft1960-8389
Basant Aircraft (HA-31)1975-7819
HPT-32 Aircraft 1983-98142
Dornier-228 Aircraft1985 onwards125
ATP Tailplane (for Export)1987-9524

Concurrent with the manufacturing activities, Transport Aircraft Division has developed extensive facilities for repair, overhaul and modification of these aircraft as well as for about 400 types of rotables fitted on these aircraft.

Apart from the above, Division is doing Depot Level Maintenance of Engines and Hydraulic Systems of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV). Searcher - I , Searcher - II and Heron since JAN'2004 under Transfer of Technology Agreement with Malat division of Israel Aircraft Industries and Servicing of AN-32 & Canberra aircraft at its detachment workplace at Agra from 2000 onwards.

Transport Aircraft R & D Centre located in the Division carries out product updation, role modifications and other R & D activities.

Future Plans

  • Series production of 73 Nos of Intermediate Jet Trainer aircraft (HJT-36) for Indian Air Force against agreement signed in March, 2010. Production started. Delivery is scheduled to be commenced from March, 2013. 
  • Production of Turbo Prop Trainer aircraft (HTT-40) as a replacement plan of HPT-32 aircraft supplied to Indian Air Force. Project is presently at Design phase. 
  • Series production of 100 seater Multi Role Transport aircraft will be taken up by TAD Kanpur. The aircraft is under co-design and development at HAL's Aircraft Research and Design Centre, Bangalore in association with Russian partners. 
  • Production of 14 seater Saras aircraft.
Machining Facilities
5 axes 3 spindle heavy-duty Gantry type CNC profiler, 3 axes CNC milling machines, Vertical machining Centre etc.
Turning, Milling, Grinding, Thread Rolling, Broaching, Honing etc.
Composites / Plastics
  • Hot Air Autoclave
  • Vacuum Forming and Deep Drawing machine
Sheet Metal, Welding and Surface Treatment
  • Rubber press, Break press, Pipe bending machine, Routers, Horizontal Stretching machine
  • Gas, Argon and Spot Welding
  • Anodising, Chrome plating, copper plating, Cad Plating Electro Chemical Milling, Control temperature paintings
Assembly and Paint Hangar
  • Large and spacious hangars for assembly, overhaul, repair and maintenance of Transport aircraft
  • Exclusive Paint hangar with dust free and controlled environment

Servicing of Rotables
  • Mechanical items like propellers, landing gears, actuators, wheel, brake etc.
  • Instrument items like flight instruments, fuel quantity and fuel flow system, pressurization system
  • Electrical items like alternators, inverters, motors, regulators, control and protection units etc.
  • Avionic items pertaining to communication, navigation and intercom systems, weather radar and antenna
Quality Control Facilities
  • 3-D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
  • Computerized Cable Loom Tester
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Accelerated Weathering Tester
  • Hot and Cold Chamber
  • Particle Counter
  • Nikon Inverted Microscope
  • Omnimet Image Analyser
  • Cold Light Rigid Endoscope
  • Flexible Boroscope
  • Chemical Testing facilities
  • NDT Facilities
Design and Development
  • Role Modifications
  • Upgrades
  • Repair Schemes

Transport Aircraft Division is in process of Sub-Contract and Development of New vendors in the following areas
  • Machining of components
  • Sheet metal items. (Aluminum Alloys)
  • Design and development of Press tools
For machining of Ferrous and Aluminum Alloys components of Aircraft Structural Assembles and Unit Assemblies
  • With C.N.C. operations
  • With C.N.C. Router Machines
  • With conventional machines (viz. turning, milling, bench work etc.)
Sheet Metal Components with specialization to work on Aluminum Alloy materials
  • By stretch forming of skin items
  • By press tools up to 1600 tons capacity
  • By design and development of press tools
With introduction of indigenously developed New Jet Trainer Aircraft, outsourcing of above items is in our prime category.

For New  Registration, the Sub-Contractors  located  in North  India will  be given  advantage as it is convenient in execution of Orders for both i.e. HAL Kanpur  & Sub-Contractors. 
New Registration of Sub Contractors
The   prescribed  Forms  can  be down-loaded from our site. The Application Form  duly  filled-in  properly alongwith all  requisite documents  in support of  technical capability  and facilities available with the sub-contractor  + Demand  Draft of Rs. 100/- payable at  Kanpur  (in  favour of HAL-TAD, Kanpur) can  be forwarded through courier to HAL-TAD, Kanpur.
For existing Sub Contractors
The Prescribed Formats of Bank Guarantee, and Indemnity Bond can be down-loaded from our site for submission of  the same to HAL-TAD, Kanpur   within 10 days from the date of receipt of Purchase Order by the Sub-Contractor so that the Raw Materials can be supplied by HAL Kanpur to Sub-Contractors in time on F.O.C. (free of charge) basis.
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The Transport Aircraft Division Certification are:
  • ISO 9001-2000 quality system approval
  • ISO 14001 Environment Management System
  • Approval by the following Govt. of India agencies:
    • Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)
    • Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA)
    • Centre for Military Airworthiness Certification (Cemilac)
  • Approval by the following foreign agencies
    • Civil Aviation Department, Maldives
    • Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal
Upgradation of Aircraft and Role Equipment Integration
The Transport Aircraft R & D Centre is involved in carrying out aircraft upgrades, modifications and role equipment  integration. Our major projects in the past include:
  • Mid-life upgrade of HS-748 Nav & Comm system
  • Integrally machined wing fuel tank of HPT-32 aircraft replacing rubber flexible fuel tank
  • Integration of TCAS, MOD ’S’, EGPWS on Boeing, HS-748, DO-228 and  AN-32 aircraft
  • Integration of maritime radar Elta and  Supermarec Radar on DO-228 aircraft
  • Integration of Search Light Pod, Gun Pod and  IR/UV Scanner on DO-228 aircraft
  • Modification on DO-228 Aircraft for high altitude operation & Para dropping / Para jumping
Aircraft Overhaul, Repair and Modification
  • Extensive facilities and expertise are available for the overhaul, repair, maintenance and modification of
    • HS-748 medium capacity aircraft
    • DO-228 light transport aircraft
    • HPT-32 basic trainer aircraft
    • Servicing of AN-32
    • Servicing of Canberra aircraft
    • Depot level maintenance of Un-manned Air Vehicles (UAV-Searcher-I, Searcher-II and Heron)
  • Services offered include major overhauls, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repairs, embodiment of SB's, cabin refurbishing etc
  • Runway adjacent hangars
  • Full range of facilities for quality control, inspection and testing
  • Site repair and retrieval of damaged aircraft
Aircraft Painting
  • Exclusive Paint hangar with dust-free and controlled environment can accommodate aircraft up to 50 seater capacity. Expertise is available for various types of aircraft painting systems like Poly-urethane, Epoxy, Cellulose, etc.
  • Full range of facilities for testing of paint, paint thickness measurement
Rotables Overhaul And Repair
  • Extensive facilities for over 400 types of Rotables of different aircraft including HS-748, DO -228, HPT-32 and other medium category aircraft
  • Rich experience of overhauling more than 50,000 Rotables in the past
  • Competent and qualified workforce to meet the exacting requirement of the Aviation industry
  • Shops built to clean room specifications and equipped with the complete range of Test Equipment
Range of rotables which can be overhauled and repaired include the following
  • Mechanical items like propellers, landing gears, actuators, wheel-brake assembly, hydraulics, fuel and de-icing systems and accessories
  • Instrument items like flight instruments, fuel quantity and fuel flow system, pressurisation system instruments, Autopilot and all types of pressure switches and gauges
  • Electrical items like alternators, invertors, motors, regulators, control and protection units, booster pumps, actuators, fans, batteries and voltage regulators
  • Avionic items pertaining to communication, navigation, and intercom systems, weather radar and antenna
  • Conversion training on maintenance and operations of our products

General Manager
Transport Aircraft Division

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
P.O.Chakeri, Kanpur 208 008

Telephone: +91 - 512 - 2402774 (Direct)
                   +91 - 512 - 2451749-758 (Exchange No.) Extension: 4300
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Corporate Office:
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