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Brief History

Welcome to the Accessories Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Accessories Division of HAL was established in 1970 with the primary objective of manufacturing systems and accessories for various aircraft and engines and attain self sufficiency in this area. Its facilities are spread over 116,000 sqm of built area set in sylvan surroundings. At present it is turning out over 1300 different types of accessories. The Division started with manufacturing various Systems and Accessories viz, Hydraulics, Engine Fuel System, Air-conditioning and Pressurization, Flight Control, Wheel and Brake, Gyro & Barometric Instruments, Electrical and Power Generation & Control System, Undercarriages, Oxygen System and  Electronic System all under one roof to meet the requirements of the aircraft, helicopters and engines being produced by HAL like MiG series of aircrafts, Dornier, Jaguar, Advanced Light Helicopters(ALH), PTA, Cheetal & Su-30 and repair / Overhaul of Avro, AN-32, HPT-32, Mirage-2000 & Sea-Harrier aircrafts, Cheetah and Chetak helicopters.

The Division undertakes manufacturing and servicing of accessories under Transfer of Technology (ToT) from more than 40 licensor from different countries. In addition, a lot of emphasis has been given on developing indigenous capability for Design and Development of various systems and accessories. This capability has culminated in indigenous design and development of over 350 types of accessories for the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) (Air force and Navy version), Advanced Light Helicopter (all versions i.e. Army, Air force, Navy & Civil), SARAS and IJT (Intermediate Jet Trainer). The Division has also developed and has made successful strides into the area of Microprocessor based control systems for the LCA Engine as well as other systems.

 The Division has been in the forefront of accessories development and supply not only to Indian Force but to Army, Navy, Coast Guard and various Defence Laboratories as well as for Space applications.

The Division is networked with all sister Divisions and R& D Centers by LAN/WAN. Lean manufacturing and ERP have been implemented to create an efficient manufacturing system.

The Division today has a prime name in the Aviation market and various international companies are interested to join hands with it for future projects.

The Division has also made steady progress in the area of Export.
  • Heat Treatment facilities for all types of steels, Aluminium alloys, Copper, Nickel & Titanium alloys.
Protective Treatment
  • Treatment facilities of all types like Plating, Polishing etc, SPECIAL types of Surface protection & Painting facility, i.e. RILSAN Coating PTFE Coating, MOLY DAG Coating, Sursulf and Oxynit. Zinc metallizing and Bronze metallizing by Spark Process
  • Electron Beam, Argon arc, Spot & Seam welding equipment to facilitate intricate welding on thin metal bellows, capsules, stator Packs, Brushes etc.
  • Diffusion Welding of Dissimilar materials and Micro Plasma welding
  • Our welders are approved & certified by Civil Aviation Authority
Rubber, Plastic, Foundry
  • These facilities are in - house to cater for the needs of various production / servicing requirements.
  • Machining of components ranging from 0.29 to 450 mm dia with accuracy upto one micron.
Assembly And Test
  • 8000 sq.mtrs of Clean/Air-conditioned room (class 10,000 with laminar flow cabinets) where assembly & test activities for instruments, Hydraulics and Fuel factories take place.
  • Dedicated Test Equipment and rigs, Full Environmental testing facilities, Balancing Machines and Hot and Cold Chambers attached to Assembly Shops to meet the aeronautical acceptance standards

Environmental Laboratory
  • Facilities for all types of Environmental testing as per requirements of BS, MIL & JSS, available to meet regular requirements of type testing of all types of units designed/developed in the in-house R &D centre.
  • In addition the Lab also caters for the need of special type of testing for Wheels, Hydraulic item etc. in dedicated test rigs/beds.
  • Design Computer Centre with Unigraphic, Computer Aided Design & Analytical Software Packages.
Other Special Technologies
  • Bronze Layer Deposition by Electric Spark Method
  • Checking of Leakage in Glycerin
  • Titanium Nitriding 
  • Corrugation Forming Technology
  • Vibro Strengthening
  • Carbon Lining on High Rubbing Parts
  • Rilson Nylon Coating Process
  • Polyamide Varnish Impregnation
The outsourcing activity started in the Division way back in 2003. Since then Division has embarked upon selecting and creating base of sub-contractors for outsourcing precision components, tooling and test equipment. This is required to handle higher loads of existing and new projects being undertaken in the Division.

The outsourcing is done in the following areas:

  1. Machining of components involving turning, milling, drilling, jig boring, grinding, centre-less grinding, lapping etc.
  2. Machining / Fabrication of tools, jigs and fixtures.
  3. Specialized processes like Ion - Nitriding, Tungsten Carbide Coating, Laser Beam Welding, Electron     Beam Welding, Moulding etc.
Apart from the above production work packages, Design work packages are also outsourced.

The components are classified in various categories like A, B & C depending upon the criticality of the operations. Depending on the capabilities of sub-contractors, tenders are being issued to respective registered vendors.

Organizations with established facilities & capabilities, willingness to learn and excel in producing aeronautical quality product are encouraged for outsourcing of components required for various projects. For registration of new sub-contractors, the prescribed forms can be down-loaded from our website ( and forwarded to this Division for registration process.
The Accessories Division Certification are:
  • AS9100B from KEMA, USA for the design & development, Manufacture, Maintenance, Supply & Services of accessories of Military and Civil Aircrafts and Helicopters and in the process of accreditation of AS 9100C.
  • ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System
  • NABL approval for Central Lab (Physical, Chemical Lab and Non-Destructive Testing Lab)
  • Bearing Hospital approved by DGAQA
  • Level III NDT inspection for X Ray approved by ASNT, USA
The Accessories Division Approvals are :
  • Approval of Director General Aeronautical Quality Assurance for Military Aviation products and services.
  • Approval from DGCA, Govt. of India for design and development, manufacturing and repair.
  • Approval for Research & Design Centre by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.
Products in Current Manufacturing Range
    Hydraulic Pumps, Accumulators, Actuators, Electro-selectors, Bootstrap Reservoirs and  various types of valves 
    Cold Air Unit,  Water Extractors, Non Return Valves and Venturies 
    Fuel after Burner regulator and distributor, Main Fuel Distributor,   Regulator and After Burner Pump, Plunger Pumps, Fuel Metering Device 
    Electrical Indicators, Fuel quantity and flow metering instruments, Flight instruments, Sensors and Switches 
    AC/DC Generator, Control and Protection Units, AC and DC Master Box, Inverters, Transformer Rectifier Unit, Actuators 
    Main and Nose Undercarriage, Main and Nose Wheel, Brake System LRUs 
    Dedicated Test Rigs, custom-built Fuel/Hydraulic Test Rigs and Electrical Test Rigs
Export Products
Supply of New along with Repair and Overhaul of Rotables and Spares of aircraft accessories of MiG series, Jaguar International, Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), Su-30 MKI, Mirage-2000, Sea Harrier, Dornier DO-228, Avro HS-748 (Specific Version), Cheetah (Lama) / Chetak (Alouette III), MI - 17, Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Helicopters to Royal Air Force Oman, Air Mauritius, Israel Aircraft Industries, ELTA Israel, Hamilton Sundstran  U.S.A., Govt of Namibia, Aerostar Romania, Ecuadorian Air Force etc.
Our Customers
  • Indian Air Force / Army / Navy / Coast Guard
  • Defence R&D Laboratories / Department of Space
  • State Govt. Civil Aviation / Ordnance Factories / Corporate Sectors
  • Flying Academics & Educational Institutions
  • Airlines / Air Taxi / Air Cargo
  • Defence Forces of countries from South East Asia, Middle East and Africa
  • Collaborators / Licensors
Repairs, Major Servicing and Supply of Spares
The Division carries out  Repair and Overhaul of Accessories, with minimum turn-around-time. Site Repair facilities are offered by the Division by deputing team of expert Engineers / Technicians.

Services provided for:

Military Aircraft
  • MiG Series
  • Jaguar
  • Mirage-2000
  • Sea - Harrier
  • AN-32
  • Kiran MK- I / MK- II
  • HPT - 32
  • SU-30 MKI
Civil Aircraft
  • Dornier-22B
  • AVRO HS-748
  • Chetak (Alouette)
  • Cheetah (Lama)
  • ALH (IAF / Navy / Coast Guard  / Civil)
Sub-contract Capabilities
  • The Division has comprehensive manufacturing capabilities for various Hi-tech components, Equipment and Systems to customers specifications and ensures high quality, reliability and cost effectiveness.
  • The Division has over 40 years of experience in producing aeronautical accessories making it an ideal partner for the International Aero Engineering Industry.
The Division also manufactures and supplies complete range of components of Cheetah (Lama) & Chetak (Alouette) Helicopters, Jaguar and MiG series Aircraft to Domestic and International Customers to support their fleet.
Executive Director
Accessories Division

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Lucknow 226 016,
Telephone: +91 522 - 2350995 / 96 / 97 / 98 / 2340351 / 352
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