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Environmental Control System
Aerospace Systems & Equipment R & D Centre was established in 1970 and has been engaged in applied research, design & development of all major systems & equipment for aircraft, helicopters and engines using state of the art technology.

The Centre is also engaged in developing dedicated test rigs & equipment as well as ground support equipment for use by Civil & Military customers. The Centre has diversified into other defence area and is engaged in development of land navigation system.

The Centre is a supplier of systems & equipment to various aircraft and engine R & D Centres and there is close interaction with them right from the specifications stage to system integration.Centre has MoU with IIT Kanpur and IIT Roorkee for Collaborative technology development activities.
Our Capabilities
The Centre has more than 119 well qualified engineers and 138 technicians. It has 10 design groups, each headed by highly experienced and trained engineers.

The Centre has total system design capability in various disciplines and has more than 350 type approvals issued by CEMILAC (MoD) and DGCA ( Civil ).

The Centre has designed and developed 85 types of equipment for Light Combat Aircraft -LCA (TEJAS) and 41 for
Advanced Light Helicopter -ALH(DHRUV) & 44 for Intermediate Jet Trainer (SITARA).

Apart from aircraft and engines, the Centre has diversified into other defence sectors and developed land navigation system for armoured vehicles, hydraulic equipments, fuel system and rotating mass type gyros for Pilotless Target Aircraft -PTA(LAKSHYA).

The Centre has also developed a wide range of test rigs & equipment for in-house and customer use as well as ground support equipment like ground power trolley, hydraulic trolley and power packs.

The Centre has system and equipment design capabilities in the following disciplines

LCA wheels and Carbon Brakes
  • Wheels and Brakes
  • Hydraulic System, Pumps and Flight Control Actautors
  • Engine Fuel Control and Aircraft Fuel System
  • Environmental Control System
  • Electrical Power Control Protection and Distribution
  • Microprocessor Based Controllers
  • Barometric Instruments and Sensors
  • Fuel Management

Elecrical & Electronics Item - LCA

  • Navigation and Display
  • Starter and Generator
  • Dedicated Test Rigs / Test Equipment
  • Computerised Test Equipment

Services Offered

The Centre is fully equipped with the latest design, development and testing facilities to undertake the development of any hydro-mechanical, electrical or electronic system.

The Services include :
  • Environmental Test Laboratory
  • Test Laboratories for Hydraulics, Fuel and Electrical Systems as well as Electronics
  • Prototype Manufacturing Shop
  • Computer Centre
  • Software Packages with CAD and Performance Analysis
  • Technical Library
  • Documentation and Publication


Inspection coverage for various design activities is provided by Divisional Quality department. Apart from this, the R&D has dedicated Design Quality Assurance Group which looks after following:
  • Approval and Certification with airworthiness authorities
  • Renewal of type approval
  • Renewal of Lifing of Aircraft LRUs / Rotables
  • Defect Investigation and FRACA
  • Design Standards
  • Reliability and FMEA
  • Standardization of design documents
General Manager - Aerospace Systems & Equipment R & D Centre (ASERDC)

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