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Brief History

Welcome to the Avionics Division, Korwa of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Avionics Division Korwa was established in the year 1982, to take up the production of Display Attack Ranging and Inertial Navigation (DARIN) system for Jaguar International aircraft for Indian Air Force. Since, 1987 Korwa Division has also been manufacturing and supplying similar avionic systems for MiG-27 aircraft to IAF. All the facilities required for manufacture of such advanced airborne avionic systems are available under one roof.

The Division of HAL, has been built in a pollution free environment sprawling over approximately 1 million sq.mts. of lush green area including complete amenities for a residential complex. The total covered area for manufacturing is around 38000 sq. mts.

The Division has got a highly skilled work force of approximately 1100 including 200 highly qualified engineers.
For the manufacture of advanced avionic systems, Korwa Division has well equipped laboratories, modern test facilities and advanced high accuracy automatic production equipment and machines as mentioned below:
  • High precision of CNC Machining Centres, Lathes, Milling machines
  • High precision Jig Borers & Jig Grinders
  • CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder, EDM, Electron Beam Welding machines
  • Precision Tool Room/Process Shop with Heat Treatment and Plating facilities.
  • Optical Component fabrication facilities
  • Automatic Test Equipment for testing of Electronic modules
  • Laser Trimming & Dynamic Balancing of Gyroscopes
  • General Purpose ATE for Repair & Testing of Multilayer PCBs having VLSI/Hybrid components
  • Super Clean and Controlled environment rooms (upto Class 100)

Awating contents...................

Awating contents...................

Currently korwa Division is manufacturing the Navigation, Ranging, Display and Attack Systems for both jaguar and MiG-27 aircraft.

Brief details of the avionic system are as under:
Jaguar avionics
Jaguar avionicsInternational Navigation System
  • Stabilized Inertial Platform with Dry-tuned Gyroscopes and Accelerometers
  • Digital Nav-Attack Computer
  • Interface Unit and Cockpit Control Panels
Head-Up Display & Weapon Aiming Computer (HUDWAC)
  • Microprocessor based head-up Display & Sighting System
  • Scan and Cursive modes of display
  • Weapon Aiming Computations in Reversionary modes in the event of failure of INS Computer
Combined Map and Electronic Display (COMED)
  • Head Down Navigation & Map Display
  • Soft key Selectable Display Modes
  • Integrated with INS and HUDWAC on MIL-STD 1553B Digital Data bus
Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
  • Crash protected Flight Data Recording System with Data Acquisition unit
  • Simultaneous recording of Data and Audio tracks
  • Recording Duration of 90 minutes in endless loop
Laser Ranger and Marked Target Seeker (LRMTS)
  • Operates both in Ranging and Target Seeking modes
  • Target Range Computation
  • Neodymium Doped YAG Laser
Autostabliser System (AUTOSTAB)
  • Computer Based System for Control of Tailplane, Rudder and Spoiler Movements
  • Incorporate BITE Facility
MiG-27M Avionics
MiG-27M AvionicsIntegrated Navigation And sighting Complex (44 LK System)
  • Inertial Navigation System
  • Centralized Digital Computer
  • Radio and Doppler Navigation
  • Stabilised Sight
  • Air Data Computer
  • Laser Ranging System
Flight Data Recorder (UZL TESTER)
  • Recording Duration of 3 Hours
  • Crash Protected Recording System
  • Records 38 Analogue and 32 Discrete Parameters
Repairs, Major Servicing, Supply of Spares
This Division undertakes the repair and overhaul of the airborne avionic systems of Jaguar, MiG-27 and Mirage-2000 aircraft throughout the lifecycle of the product.

The Division also provides the comprehensive customer services and support to Indian Air Force (IAF). The broad spectrum of customer services provided by the division comprises of the following.
  • Supply of spares to Indian Air Force
  • Quick response and fast turnaround servicing of avionic systems and LRUs
  • Regular workshops both at in-house training school and at Air Force bases to the IAF personnel
  • Updation of the avionic systems to cater to the needs of the customers for the induction of new armaments and weapon systems.
  • Design, manufacture and supply of the computer based dedicated, special to Type test Equipment to IAF.
Apart from the above, Korwa division provides similar services to other customers e.g. indian Navy, Army and other defence organisations for the products akin to our production range.
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Avionics Division
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