Welcome to the Engine Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

The Engine Division, which is ISO-9002 certified, was set up in 1957 to manufacture Orpheus turbo jet engines under licence from Rolls Royce. In 1959, another licence agreement was signed with Rolls Royce to manufacture Dart engines to power HS-748 passenger aircraft and overhaul Avon engines fitted on Canberra & Hunter aircraft. Since then, the division has grown from strength to strength. It is now engaged in the manufacture of Artouste engines for Chetak/Cheetah helicopters, Adour engines for Jaguar aircraft and Garrett engines for Dornier aircraft. Engine division also undertakes repair and overhaul of various aero engines operated by Indian Airforce, Indian Navy, Indian Army, Coast Guard, Border Security Force, Corporate sector, State Government and other civil customers. The division has manufactured more than 2,100 aero engines and overhauled & repaired 11,000 engines.

The division, during four decades of its existence, has acquired state-of-art-technologies for manufacture, repair and overhaul of engines. It has a well equipped CNC shop comprising over 25 machine tools. Facilities also include Electron Beam Welding, vacuum Brazing, Electric Discharge / Chemical forming machines and others. The division has also set up shops for special coating processes to combat high temperature and atmospheric corrosion conditions, protection against surface erosions, such as Plasma Spray, Aluminium Silicon diffusion coating, Sermetal coating.

Engine and Test bed R & D centre, which is part of the Engine Division, has specialised in the development of small Gas Turbines & Engine Test Beds. The ETBRDC is equipped with necessary modern infrastructures. The R&D centre has developed a gas turbine engine for Pilotless Target Aircraft and jet Fuel Starter for starting the engine of Light Combat Aircraft. The R & D centre has also designed and installed engine test beds for Russian and western origin aero engines on turnkey basis.



Kaveri Engine

Kaveri, the designated engine for LCA, is being developed by GTRE, Bangalore. Various divisions of HAL are involved in the development and certification. The engine will be manufactured at engine division, HAL. The materials for engine components include high strength super alloy such as inconel on the hot end side and TI-64 on the cold end. The engine is twin spool, by pass type designed to provide dry thrust of 5291 kg reheat thrust of 8264 kg.

Engines for AJT, IJT and ALH

The engines for advanced Jet trainer project and intermediate Jet trainer project will also be manufactured by engine division in the near future. Further, the division will be participating in the co-design & co-production of engine for Advanced Light Helicopters.


Manufacture of auxillaries such as 750 kw turbo alternator, forced draught turbo blowers and main circulating turbo pumps for leander class frigates form part of diversification.