Human Resource Development (HRD)


The raison de ‘eter of Human Resource Development (HRD) is to create context for technological and managerial excellence in a globally competitive Aerospace Industry. The changing environment, rapid technological changes accelerated a paradigm shift from licensed production to R&D based production strategies of co-development , co-production, joint ventures, outsourcing, ancilliarisation, Public private Partnership, focused diversification to civilian, export markets. The overall objective of the Human Resource Development plan is to build a vibrant performance and learning culture that meets the challenges of customer, quality cost, delivery and excellence. Recruitment and retention of competent human resources and develop high commitment and a sense of belongingness to the Company. Accordingly, the Company's HR Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Policies are carefully evolved.

HR Vision

"Make HAL a dynamic, vibrant & value-based learning organization with exceptionally skilled, highly motivated & committed human resource to meet the current & future challenges, driven by core values embedded in the culture of the Organisation"

HR Mission

"Enable all those working for HAL to give their best to ensure their all-round growth as well as that of the Organization"


  • Ensure availability of Total Quality People to meet the Organizational Goals and Objectives.
  • Facilitate continuous improvement in Knowledge, Skills and Competence (Managerial, Behavioral and Technical).
  • Promote a Culture of Learning, Innovation and Achievement with emphasis on Integrity, Credibility and Quality.
  • Motivate workforce through empowerment of Individuals and Team- building.
  • Play a pivotal role directly and significantly to enhance Productivity, Profitability  and the Quality of Work Life.


  • Total alignment with Corporate Strategy.
  • Tone up Human Resources at optimum level to meet the objectives & goals of the Company.
  • Identify, Build, Analyze & Upgrade the Knowledge & Skills through Training, Re-training, Multi-skilling etc.
  • Cultivate Leadership with Shared Vision at various levels in the Organization.
  • Focus on Development of Core Competence in High-Tech areas.
  • Build Cross-functional Teams.
  • Promote Vision, Mission and Values through out the Company.
  • Encourage performance culture that Rewards, Recognises & Motivates.

Focus of HR Policy

  • Competence Building
  • Commitment
  • Motivation
  • Employee Relations

Competency Based Practices

People Development initiatives have taken a strategic role for driving business results in HAL. Competency frame work has become the central theme of numerous initiatives in HAL to enhance the HR processes and systems. To motivate the Officers, an accelerated Promotion Policy was introduced to promote the high fliers with Assessment Centre Score as one of the criteria for promotion to the post of Deputy General Manager & above.

A Behavioral Competency Model was developed in the Company with three major groups and eleven competencies in three clusters that forms the basis for the Competency Frame work:

Assessment Centres are conducted for Officers in Grade VI & above. Competency Development Programmes are conducted at IIMs Ahmedabad, Bangalore & Calcutta for such Officers with development needs.


Induction of freshers in HAL takes place in three streams as Management/Design Trainees (Executives); Technician; and Diploma Trainees (Workmen). The induction of meritorious and fresh Engineering Graduates and other Professionals as Trainees is linked to each of the programs with required background, competencies and skill sets.

Learning & Development

The objective is that learning should become an integral component of individual professional development by:
  • updating knowledge to avoid obsolescence
  • enhancing creativity & innovation
  • continuously identify potential for shouldering higher responsibilities
  • enlarge market share through competitive advantage and strategic thinking to take up challenges.
Progressively achieve 7 days training target per employee per year with a budget of 2% of PBT.

Knowledge Management, Coaching and Mentoring are Core Competence of Organizations for coping with changes. HAL has provided unique opportunity to Officers to acquire higher qualifications by sponsoring them at Cranfield-UK, IITs (Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras & Roorkee), MDI, Gurgoan, IMI Delhi etc.

Performance Management System

Continuously improve people capabilities, for meeting the Company's goals. The Performance Management System of Executives formulated on work planning and Task (mutually agreed tasks), self-review and analysis, systematic review and performance feedback ensures that the focus be on value adding activities. Identification of Low performers and High performers enables performance differentials for compensation & career development.  There is a clearly defined system of performance review for workmen.

HR Manuals

HR Manual Book Nos.
Manual Title
Modified Recruitment Rules-2013
Promotion Rules [updated upto 31st March 2015]
Conduct, Discipline & appeal Rules, 1984 and Rules Relating to Terms & Conditions of Service [updated upto 30th September 2014]
Rules Relating to Performance Appraisal System, Job Rotation and Training [updated upto 30th June 2015]
Pay & Allowances; Loans & Advances; Schemes for Payment of Interest Subsidies; and Awards & Incentives [updated upto 31st March 2015]
Travelling Allowances Rules (Inland); Travelling Allowance Rules (Abroad); Leave Travel Concession / Assistance Rules; and Leave Rules [updated upto 31st January 2015]
Welfare Measures, Medical Benefits, Post Superannuation Benefits & Human Relations [updated upto 15th June 2015]
Rules Relating to Special Consideration for Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes/ Other Backward Classes; Ex-Servicemen and Persons with Disability [updated upto 15th June 2015]
The contents of the manuals are to be used only for guidance purpose. Personnel Circulars and Circulars issued by HAL Corporate Office from time to time will continue to be the Authority for all HR related Rules & Regulations in the Company.

Other Major Initiatives

Initiatives like 360 Degree Feedback for Officers in Grade VII & higher, Knowledge Management etc. are put in place. Getting the best out of people is the primary thrust of HR, with facilitation mechanisms of Competency building, Performance Management etc. The HR processes viz. Recruitment, Placement, Compensation, Career Growth, Career Planning, Succession Planning etc. are linked to the current and future projects of HAL. HAL reviews the HR Policies from time to time and fine tunes them to align with the constantly evolving Business Strategies of the Company.