In the community
In the community
Journey Of CSR
During the last 2 decades Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has evolved from a simple philanthropic activity to integrating business interests with the community in which it operates exhibiting social, environmental and ethically responsible behavior in governess of business generating values and long term sustainability.

For a company which is a byword for Aeronautics, HAL has its feet firmly planted on the ground, It is from this rootedness that its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives spring.

CSR is an integral part of HAL’s Business, the call from within to give back to the society in which it operates. The Company’s CSR Business principles dovetail with its CSR initiatives to ensure that the society surrounding it grows along with the Company.

CSR factors-in public interest into Corporate Decision-making, thereby honoring the environment categorized in its totality as the 3Ps: People, Planet & Profit. Like all responsible organizations, HAL has embraced the Community-based development approach, working actively with local communities.  This approach rises even above philanthropy, leading as it does, to a more sustainable development.
In fact, HAL follows the Creating Shared Value (CSV) approach, believing that the company’s success and social welfare are in a symbiotic clasp.

HAL has been demonstrating its sense of responsibility towards both the community and the environment through various initiatives down the years, proactively nurturing community growth and development.
CSR Policy
Every business entity needs to have a CSR Policy to guide its strategic planning and to provide a roadmap for its CSR initiatives which should be an integral part of the overall business policy and aligned with its business goals. HAL recognizes the need to adopt CSR Policy as a strategic tool for sustainable development, integration of business processes with social processes and also address the concerns of the society in which it operates. The Company acknowledges that its performance would also be measured in terms of economic impact, social impact and environmental impact – the Triple Bottom Line.

Keeping the above in view, the CSR Policy of the Company is formulated w.e.f. 18th November 2010. The Policy delineates the Objectives, Implementation Strategy, Permissible Activities which could be undertaken under CSR, Identification of projects / Activities, setting up of targets, Budget provisioning, Monitoring etc.

HAL’s comprehensive CSR policy encompasses the following:
  • Activities for social and inclusive development;
  • Respect for the environment / environment management systems     ( including outside HAL premises);
  • Care for all stakeholders;
  • Ethical functioning ;
  • Respect for human rights; and
  • Disaster management.

The policy aims at strengthening each component of the three – component model, viz., Environment, Society and Company.

With the release of New Company’s Act, 2013, there is a need to update the CSR Policy of the Company in line with the Provisions prescribed under Section 135 of the New Company’s Act dedicated to CSR. Accordingly, HAL is in the process of drafting the New CSR Policy of the Company.
CSR Projects / Activities
The Company has adopted certain villages nearby to its Divisions. The Company has been implementing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives through various Community Development activities, over the years, not only in adopted villages but also in other villages which are in the vicinity of Divisions.  Following Programmes are examples of such initiatives:

  • Development of Infrastructure facilities: Construction of Roads, Community Halls, School Buildings, Provision of Tables, Chairs, Cupboards, Computers, Audio Visual Equipments in schools etc.,. Provision of street lights both conventional as well as renewable energy, in villages. Construction of check dams. Provision of agriculture implements to farmers. Developing sports grounds in villages with a view to encourage sports in villages, etc.,
  • Drinking water facilities: Drinking water is a basic need. Villagers move lot of distance to fetch water. Further, availability of good quality water is a problem. Tube wells and open wells are provided with a view to help in reducing the physical labour of walking long distances for fetching water. Sumps and overhead tanks are constructed and pipelines are laid to the residences. Depending up on the need, RO Systems are provided. Good quality of water has also helped in improving the health conditions of public.
  • Skill Development: HAL supports Skill Development courses for self employment wherein youth are trained in CAD-CAM, Computer Hardware & Net Working and Electronic Gadgets Repairing etc., Training the Rural youth to enable them to earn livelihood through Self Employment Generation programmes like Making Papad, Pickle, Doll, Candle, Agarbatti,  Phenyl, Coir products, Leaf plates, Electrical wiring & repairing, Mobile phone repairing, Auto mobile repairing, Mushroom cultivation, Agriculture, AC servicing, Tailoring & Embroidery, Arts & Painting, Driving, Plumbing, Masonry, First Aid training for managing First Aid rooms in villages etc.
  • ITI & Apprenticeship Training (Integrated Course): It is proposed to induct forty (40) 10th Class passed students (20 Students in one batch) to train in vocational Trades (3 years course) through Technical Training Institutes (TTI), of Bangalore & Koraput, under CSR. 
  • Medical & Health facilities: As part of CSR, the Company has conducted number of General medical camps & as well as specialized medical camps like Eye camps including conducting of Cataract Operations as per requirement, HIV/AIDS Awareness Programmes, Family Planning Camps, Immunization, Antenatal checkup, Health Examination of Children, etc. Distribution of medicines, hearing aids, artificial limbs, tricycles for physically challenged etc., is carried out as part of medical camps.  The identified patients are brought to HAL hospitals for providing further treatment as ‘in patients’ as well as ‘out-patients’.
  • Conducting of Sports & Games:  Sports and Games are conducted with a view to bring improvement in Physical Fitness and Health of the youth living in the nearby villages of HAL Divisions. It helps in building/improving the congenial Social Relationships between youth of nearby villages and the Organization. 
  • Coaching in Archery & Football through Sports Authority of India:  With a view to identify & nurture tribal / rural Sports talent and bring them up to national / international level, a Sports Academy has been established at Sunabeda, with Technical Support from Sports Authority of India (SAI) which is functioning w.e.f. July 2010. Students in the age group of 13-16 years are inducted in the areas of Archery & Football. These students are selected from the Districts of undivided Koraput in Odisha. Apart from the special coaching in Archery and Foot Ball these students are provided Furnished Accommodation, Hostel boarding, Sports Kits, sports uniforms, Track suits, Shoes etc. free of cost by the Company. Students are provided free education in HAL schools. Further Study material, Schoolbags, Shoes, School Uniform, Rain Coats & Sweaters etc., are provided. Bicycles are also provided for commuting between school and hostel. Modern Gymnasium Facilities are also provided to keep the students always fit. TA/DA etc. are paid to the students for their participation in competitive sports. Few of the students have bagged State and National level awards in the last three years.
CSR 2013-14
  1. The Company has its own laid down CSR Policy which gives a framework to carry out its CSR Projects / activities. A CSR & SD Committee of the Board at the Corporate Level acts as a Monitoring body with an Independent Director as the Chairman of the Committee.

  2. As per the MoU 2013-14, HAL had taken up the CSR & SD Projects / activities as indicated below:

    • Involvement of the employees and the top management in internalizing the CSR and Sustainability agenda within the Organization: Under this parameter, number of training Programs conducted is taken as unit of measurement and the Company has been successful in conducting 13 training programs against a target of 10 for the year 2013-14.
    •  Engagement of Key Stakeholders in good Corporate Communication Strategy: Divisions/Complexes were encouraged to make as many communications as possible as a means of engaging the entire gamut of Key stakeholders in the company and a total of 28 such communications were made against a target of 10.
    • As per the MoU target 4 Meetings of the CSR and SD committee of the Board were conducted during 2013-14 in order to measure the effectiveness of two-tier Organizational Structure in the process of planning, implementing and monitoring the CSR activities and the Organization has been successful in achieving the same.
    • In addition to the above, in order to measure the degree of success in implementing the CSR Projects / activities undertaken during the year, two Projects in CSR were taken up by HAL, Koraput, MiG Complex. The details are as indicated below:

    a) As a part of infrastructure Development, construction / renovation / modification of 5.6 Kms of road in 8 villages around Sunabeda, Koraput District, Odisha were taken up and as on 31.03.2014, 85% of the Project has been completed successfully.

    b) Promotion of Sports and Games was another CSR initiative (Medium term Project for 3 years from 2013-14 to 2015-16) taken up by HAL, Koraput in association with SAI (Sports Authority of India) where 16 students were inducted in Football and 14 were inducted in Archery against a target of 10 & 5 respectively.

  3. Apart from these, Divisions had taken up many Divisions specific CSR Projects / activities depending upon the needs identified. Some of the Projects worth mentioning here are Construction of Kitchen and Dining Halls in Government Schools, Empowerment of Women by means of training them in Tailoring and Distribution of Sewing Machines to support the same, construction of toilets for girl students in Govt. Schools to promote girl education, Provision of Solar Street Lights, Conducting of Medical Camps, adoption of animals and birds (endangered species) etc.

  4. During the year 2013-14, the Company had spent Rs. 10.84 Crores against an allocated budget of Rs. 9.19 Crores towards CSR and Sustainable Development and undertaken specific activities in accordance with the MoU entered with the Ministry.
Relief & Rehabilitation Activities For Flood Affected People
Considering the unprecedented flood situation which occurred in Uttarakhand and Odisha, resulting in massive loss of lives, damage to infrastructure, property, etc., the Company has contributed Rs. 2 Cr and Rs 1 Cr. to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Uttarakhand and Odisha respectively.