Medical & Health
HAL hospital in Bangalore headed by Chief of Medical Services is  taking care of the health of  the employees of Bangalore/Design/Helicopter Complex and also of their dependents i.e., Father, Mother, Wife and Children.  In addition there is a Industrial Health Department which will conduct the periodical medical Examination of all the employees and suggest the care to be taken by employees.  Thus keeping the employees in good health since HEALTHY EMPLOYEES ARE ASSETS OF THE ORGANISATION.
The HAL Hospital  is well equipped and functions round the clock with specialities in the following Departments:
  • General Medicine Department  with advanced ICU facilities
  • Industrial Health Department
  • Pediatrics Department  with Well Baby Clinic.
  • Dental Department
  • ENT Department
  • Eye Department with surgical procedures refraction unit
  • Ortho Department
  • Pathology Department
  • Radiology Department

In addition to the regular Doctors in HAL Hospital in the above Departments, Specialists who are  Consultants, well experienced in the field are also visiting HAL Hospital to give their opinon in certain cases.

In case if there is a need for more care to the patient, the cases will be referred to empanelled Hospitals  for specialised treatment.