Sanction for the development of LUH was accorded by GoI in Feb 09. The time frame for development is 6 years.

The helicopter in 3 Ton Weight class with Glass Cockpit with MFDs will be deployed for Reconnaissance and Surveillance role. It will be powered by a single engine. The helicopter will be capable of flying at 220 Kmph; service ceiling of 6.5 Km and a range of 350 Km with 500 kg payload.
Technical ParametersPower Plant
Max. TOW: 2700 kg Max. Thrust: 1760 Kgf
Speed at Sea Level: Vcruise > 220 kmph
VNE > 250 kmph
Dry Weight: 315 Kgs
ROC: > 7.5 m/sThrust / Weight Ratio: 5.6
VROC: > 5.5 m/sSp. Fuel Consumption: 0.69 Kg/Kg/Hr
Service Ceiling: > 6.5 kmTBO: 1200 hrs
Range: 350 km  
"g" +2 to –0.5 g at SL