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Brief History

Sukhoi Engine Division was established to Manufacture and Overhaul AL31FP engines. Division has started overhaul of AL31FP Engines from 2007 onwards which power the Su30 aircraft. Over last 7 years Division has overhauled more than 150 Engines.

AL31FP Overhaul Projects
The Division follows the 'Group Technology' with the Engine parts being dismantled, viewed and loaded to different work centers for ROH activities.

Regular review of progress through latest IT enabled systems ensures timely completion of assemblies and sub-assemblies of the engines.

The stripped components are subject to stringent quality checks using modern technology like CMM, NDT and LASER non-contact measuring equipment. Repair and refurbishing of worn-out parts and sub-assemblies are undertaken by skilled workmen. Division is also manufacturing most of the components in-house, which are required during overhaul.

Repairs and Refurbishing Processes include all types of welding including a Manned Argon Chamber welding facility, hard alloy coatings, ultrasonic strain hardening and a large number of protective coatings like Plasma Spray, Detonation Coatings, Vapour Deposition etc. Assemblies, sub-assemblies and Engine Accessories undergo rigorous functional tests on various Hydraulic, Fuel and Electrical Rigs.

Quality control checks are carried out using various NDT methods, like X-ray, Magna-flux, Dye-penetrant check and ultrasonic inspection besides other conventional techniques.

Every manufactured / overhauled Engine undergoes rigorous tests on Engine test beds that simulate all flight conditions.

TBO and TTL of AL31FP Engine is :





1000 Hrs

2000 Hrs

Thrust Vector Nozzle

500 Hrs

1000 Hrs.

In addition to Engine IAF gives us additional task to overhaul Rotables. There are about 38 types of Rotables which are being overhauled in-house. All these Rotables undergo vigorous Quality checks and Testing procedure before being released to bases for exploitation.

Site Repair
The Division undertakes site repair of Engines at the IAF bases by deputing site repair teams regularly.

Defect Investigation/Failure Analysis

The Engines / Aggregates which are received due to premature withdrawal from the units are studied and the causes for defects/failures are investigated. After proper analysis and deliberation corrective action is taken to minimize the recurrence of defects in future.


The Division conducts workshops regularly to the customers at Koraput in specialized areas for better understanding and utilization of the products.

Positioning of Service Engineers

The Division has posted Service Engineers at various IAF bases to closely liaise and assess the requirement of the customers. Based on the feed-back received from these Service Engineers, the Division renders adequate support for fully utilizing the products.
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