TAD-Kanpur Division
Upgradation of Aircraft and Role Equipment Integration
The Transport Aircraft R & D Centre is involved in carrying out aircraft upgrades, modifications and role equipment  integration. Our major projects in the past include:
  • Mid-life upgrade of HS-748 Nav & Comm system
  • Integrally machined wing fuel tank of HPT-32 aircraft replacing rubber flexible fuel tank
  • Integration of TCAS, MOD ’S’, EGPWS on Boeing, HS-748, DO-228 and  AN-32 aircraft
  • Integration of maritime radar Elta and  Supermarec Radar on DO-228 aircraft
  • Integration of Search Light Pod, Gun Pod and  IR/UV Scanner on DO-228 aircraft
  • Modification on DO-228 Aircraft for high altitude operation & Para dropping / Para jumping
Aircraft Overhaul, Repair and Modification
  • Extensive facilities and expertise are available for the overhaul, repair, maintenance and modification of
    • HS-748 medium capacity aircraft
    • DO-228 light transport aircraft
    • HPT-32 basic trainer aircraft
    • Servicing of AN-32
    • Servicing of Canberra aircraft
    • Depot level maintenance of Un-manned Air Vehicles (UAV-Searcher-I, Searcher-II and Heron)
  • Services offered include major overhauls, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repairs, embodiment of SB's, cabin refurbishing etc
  • Runway adjacent hangars
  • Full range of facilities for quality control, inspection and testing
  • Site repair and retrieval of damaged aircraft
Aircraft Painting
  • Exclusive Paint hangar with dust-free and controlled environment can accommodate aircraft up to 50 seater capacity. Expertise is available for various types of aircraft painting systems like Poly-urethane, Epoxy, Cellulose, etc.
  • Full range of facilities for testing of paint, paint thickness measurement
Rotables Overhaul And Repair
  • Extensive facilities for over 400 types of Rotables of different aircraft including HS-748, DO -228, HPT-32 and other medium category aircraft
  • Rich experience of overhauling more than 50,000 Rotables in the past
  • Competent and qualified workforce to meet the exacting requirement of the Aviation industry
  • Shops built to clean room specifications and equipped with the complete range of Test Equipment
Range of rotables which can be overhauled and repaired include the following
  • Mechanical items like propellers, landing gears, actuators, wheel-brake assembly, hydraulics, fuel and de-icing systems and accessories
  • Instrument items like flight instruments, fuel quantity and fuel flow system, pressurisation system instruments, Autopilot and all types of pressure switches and gauges
  • Electrical items like alternators, invertors, motors, regulators, control and protection units, booster pumps, actuators, fans, batteries and voltage regulators
  • Avionic items pertaining to communication, navigation, and intercom systems, weather radar and antenna
  • Conversion training on maintenance and operations of our products