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Brief History

Welcome to the Avionics Division, Hyderabad of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

In early sixties, it was strongly felt that our defense services should be more self reliant in defense related equipment, electronics in particular. This resulted in HAL setting up a full - fledged unit to cater to the aviation electronics (Avionics ). Thus Avionics Division, Hyderabad was born in the year 1965.

To begin with, the Division's dedicated design team took up the task of indigenising, the following critical avionics.

  • Identification of Friend or Foe
  • UHF Communication set
  • V/UHF Communication System
  • Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)
  • Radio Alimeter

These systems were developed, qualified, flight tested and inducted into the various MiG aircraft manufactured under licence in India. Later on, the same equipments were fine tuned to meet the requirement of other aircraft like Kiran, Jaguar, Dornier, AN-32 and Helicopters.

Today the Division has spread its wings further to meet the Communication and Navigation requirements of our defense customers and the Division is fully geared to enter the international market too.

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  • Hybrid Manufacturing (thick and thin film)
  • Computer Aided Design
  • CNC Machining
  • Precision Machining
  • Plastic Moulding
  • Antenna Testing
  • Multilayer PCB Manufacturing
  • EMI/EMC Lab
  • Environmental Testing
  • Instrument Callibration
Outsourcing of work is done in the following areas:

PCB Manufacture

Bare PCBs up to 18 Layers Conforming to MIL – PRF 55110 G.Flexi, Flexi Rigid, Metal Clad and Metal Core PCBs

Population of PCBs

Manual/Automatic Assy of components viz ICs transistors & other active & passive elements including SMD’s, BGA’s etc., to meet stipulated Standards / Specifications.

Electrical/Electronic Modules /Electro mechanical Wave guides and wave guide assemblies

Design/Manufacture of RF & Digital circuit PCB – assemblies / Modules, Cable Forms to meet the design parameters. ROH of Transmitter and ,Antenna of RADAR

Electro Elements

Electro Elements like Transformers, Inductance Coils etc., to meet our stringent specifications.


Custom-built Hydraulic / Temperature/ Humidity-Control equipment, Electromechanical systems/ Instrumentation and Non Standard Equipment for testing of Electronic / Electrical Assemblies to meet HAL specifications.

Aluminium Alloy Castings/Forgings

Machined / Unmachined Castings/Forgings to meet radiographyGrade A/ Grade ‘C’/ Grade ‘D’ requirements, dimensions to meet close tolerances as per HAL drawings.

Precision Sheet Metal Jobs

Precision Sheet Metal Jobs to be done on AMDA & other precision machines to meet close drawing tolerances & scratch free finish.

Mechanical Parts to be machined from castings, sheet & rolled stock on CNC machines.

Mechanical parts for Housing Electronic Modules / Sub Assemblies, Chassis & Mounting of Avionic items, all required to meet close dimensional tolerances.

Miscellaneous Mechanical Components and Jobs.

Rubber and Plastic items, Miscellaneous Mechanical parts like handles, latches, inserts, casings etc.,


Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges.

What We Expect From Outsourcing Vendors
  • Products / services of stipulated defense grade / aerospace quality requirements.
  • High quality supplies right at first time without rework/ rejections.
  • An established quality system.
  • Adequate quality records.
  • Process approvals for special processes.
  • Vendors with MIL, LCSO, CEMILAC, DGAQA approvals and those registered with other PSUs and defence production / DRDO units are given preference.
  • We expect our vendors to fully understand our requirements, check their feasibility with respect to resources required and delivery schedule for the outsourced job.
The Avionics Division, Hyderabad has been accredited with ISO-9001 CERTIFICATION and accomplished the following milestone
  • First prize in the field of Strategic Electronics during 1991 from Department of Electronics, Govt. of India.
  • National Award for R&D in Electronics from DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • ISO 9001 Certification for design, development, production and servicing.
  • Qualification approval for Printed Circuit Boards from LCSO.
  • Accreditation by National Accreditation board for test and calibration laboratories.
  • Qualification approval for the hybrid manufacturing for the Aerospace application.
  • Fitment of indigenously developed avionics on all the aircraft acquired by Indian Defence Services.
  • Avionics Division, Hyderabad bagged Annual Award for "Best Organization Supporting QC Movement" at the 26th Chapter Convention on Quality Concepts - 2013 organized by Quality Circle Forum of India (Hyderabad Chapter).
  • Raksha Mantri`s Award for Excellence in respect of OFB and DPSUs for the year 2011-12  awarded to HAL, Hyderabad for Best Performing Division of DPSUs in the category of Division/ Factory/ Shipyard Awards.
  • HAL, Hyderabad division received award for Best HRD & training practices for the year 2011 conferred by ISTD, Hyderabad chapter & won the first prize among the PSU’s.
  • HAL, Hyderabad has been selected for Raksha Mantri’s Award for Excellence as “Best performing Division of DPSUs” under the category of Division/Factory Awards for 2013-14.
  • In recognition of excellence in productivity, The Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FTAPCCI) Excellence Award for “Excellence in Industrial Productivity” has been awarded on 14 Nov 2015 to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Hyderabad. 
  • The Chapter Convention for Quality Circles (CCQC-2015) Gold awards were given to Excel and Yantra teams of the division.
  • The Chapter Convention for Quality Circles (CCQC-2016) Gold awards were given to Yantra team of the division.
  • The Chapter National Convention for Quality Concepts (NCQC-2016) Par-Excellence awards was given to Yantra team of the division.
IFF 1410AIdentification of friend or Foe, automatic replies to ground or airborne interrogatorsModular ConstructionPower output >350W (24.5 dBw) PEAK. Availability of large no. of codes ,secure mode
IFF MKXII Transponder 2420ATo identify reliably the aircraft of interest as friendly or foe automatic replies to ground/ airborne interrogators.- Dual channel digital receiver for DPSK demodulation.
- TCAS interface.
- Security features for encryptor and decryptor provided in Crypto unit.
- System specifications as per STANAG 4193 and ICAO Annex-10.
- Solid- state 350W transmitter.
INCOM -1210AIntegrated Radio Communication SystemV/UHF Comm in Aero and Marine range with ECCM FacilityCommunication in AM/FM/Data/ECCM Mode
ACS 235Advanced Radio communication systemCommunication In Normal / Secure & Voice / Data Modes With ECCM (FH & DSSS) Features. ½ ATR Dimension. MIL-STD-1553B Data Bus Compatibility.Frequency:30-407 MHz Sensitivity: SINAD NLT 10 dB @ 2 µV Tx Power :10 Watts in AM, 15 watts in FM. Channel Spacing : 25 KHz, 12.5 KHz & 8.33 KHz.
COM 1150AUHF Standby equipmentHybridized version10 Preset Channels
Mission Computer (MC)Navigation & Guidance; Weapon Aiming – Task Management etc.Multi - processor system with parallel processing capabilityCPU-486, 1553B, ARINC- 429 Discrete Input / Output
Display Processor (DP)Display Management & Control of MFDs & HUDMulti- processor system with parallel processing capabilityCPU-486, 1553B, Color and Monochrome signal generation.
Radar Computer- 1 Radar Computer- 2 (RC1 & RC2)Interface to MC, Radar control parameter computation.Multi- processor system with parallel processing capabilityCPU -486, 1553B, ARINC- 429 Discrete Input / Output, High speed 18 bit parallel data Bus.
RAM 1701ARadio Altimeter for height indication over terrainFully Indigenously designed and developed by HAL Hyderabad Modular ConstructionMIL-STD-1553B Data Bus Compatible
1 kW HF TransmitterHF system for use between ship to ship, ship to shore, shore to shore communicationRemote control capability Automatic Link EstablishmentRF power O/P: 1 kW±1 dB PEP Harmonic attenuation: 55dB PEP (typical).
5 kW HF TransmitterA Solid State transmitter operating in the High frequency Band and meant for use between Shore to Ship, Shore to Shore communicationDirect Digital Synthesis, Remote control Capability, Automatic link Establishment, Capacity to operate in a co-located environment.RF Power O/P: 5000W±1 dB Frequency Range: 1.5 to 30 MHz with capability to select in steps of the 1 Hz.
PAR (Precision Approach Radar)Provides Azimuth, elevation, bearing information to the AircraftX–Band (9–9.2GHz)Range: 30 Km
TACANTactical Air Navigation System, Provides magnetic beaming, slant distance information, Beacon identification tone and run way approach.Fully Indigenously designed and developed by HAL Hyderabad Modular ConstructionRange Accuracy: ±0.1NM
Range Capability: 300NM
Beaming Accuracy: ±10
Receiver Sensitivity: -90dBm
VOR/ILSVHF omni Range/ Instrument landing system, Used for route navigation, runway approach and landing.Fully Indigenously designed and developed by HAL Hyderabad. Modular ConstructionAccuracy: ±3degree, Sensitivity:
= - 99 dBm (VOR/LOC)
= - 87 dBm (GS)
SSDVRSSolid State Digital Video Recording System to record the video picture and flight data in Digital format.Supports multiple video standards and formats.MIL-STD 1553B interface. Provision for Airborne Replay.
RLSU RADARPrimary sensor for Su-30 to detect and track Airborne, Ground and Sea targets.Passive Phased Array RadarTracks upto 16 fighters in an area of 50 km X 50 km, locks 4 & targets 2 fighters at a time
Voice Warning SystemIntended for automatic warning of crew members with emergency, preventive and informative messagesLicensed Avionics for Su-30Signals in the form of sequential code on ARINC 429. Maximum number of playback messages – 256
Weapon Control SystemPreparation of Aircraft armament to combat applicationsGuided tracking of missiles till it hits the targetEmergency start-up
Fire Alarm SystemProvides audio and visual alarm indication to the pilot in the event of fire or over heat in the engine compartmentsLicensed Avionics for Su-30The flame temperature is about 1100°C.
Communication Means ComplexEnsures two-way telephone communication in V/UHF and HF rangesUses Spread Spectrum technique Modular constructionHF range (2.0 – 23.9999) MHz with 100 Hz spacing VHF range (100.000 – 149.975) MHz UHF range (156.000 – 173.975) MHz with 25 kHz spacing.
Retro - modification
HAL has developed a specialised 'Flight Test Group' with expertise in trial installation of Avionic systems on Fixed and Rotary wings of Combat and Transport Aircraft. This group has achieved success in installing its latest Avionic systems on MiG-21 series, MiG-23, MiG-27M, MiG-29, IL-38, Su-30 MKI, HS 748, and TU-142 series of aircraft and also on helicopters like MI - 8, MI - 25, Seaking, Chetak and Cheetah. It has exhibited complete self-sufficiency for conducting feasibility studies, manufacturing of Mod Kits, Installation and Flight Testing of Avionic systems.
Repair and Overhaul
HAL has excellent facilities and procedures for defect investigation, repair and overhaul of Russian, Western and indigenous air-borne equipment. Our Engineers have vast experience in all these systems and  they also carry out  field repairs. The principle of Inspect and Repair As Necessary (IRAN) is followed, which means that the equipment need not be sent for regular / periodic overhaul. The repair facilities are available from first generation to fourth generation equipment with frequencies from DC to 40 GHz.
Executive Director (Hyderabad & Korwa)
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Avionics Division, Hyderabad
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