Avionics Division Korwa
Currently korwa Division is manufacturing the Navigation, Ranging, Display and Attack Systems for both jaguar and MiG-27 aircraft.

Brief details of the avionic system are as under:
Jaguar avionics
Jaguar avionicsInternational Navigation System
  • Stabilized Inertial Platform with Dry-tuned Gyroscopes and Accelerometers
  • Digital Nav-Attack Computer
  • Interface Unit and Cockpit Control Panels
Head-Up Display & Weapon Aiming Computer (HUDWAC)
  • Microprocessor based head-up Display & Sighting System
  • Scan and Cursive modes of display
  • Weapon Aiming Computations in Reversionary modes in the event of failure of INS Computer
Combined Map and Electronic Display (COMED)
  • Head Down Navigation & Map Display
  • Soft key Selectable Display Modes
  • Integrated with INS and HUDWAC on MIL-STD 1553B Digital Data bus
Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
  • Crash protected Flight Data Recording System with Data Acquisition unit
  • Simultaneous recording of Data and Audio tracks
  • Recording Duration of 90 minutes in endless loop
Laser Ranger and Marked Target Seeker (LRMTS)
  • Operates both in Ranging and Target Seeking modes
  • Target Range Computation
  • Neodymium Doped YAG Laser
Autostabliser System (AUTOSTAB)
  • Computer Based System for Control of Tailplane, Rudder and Spoiler Movements
  • Incorporate BITE Facility
MiG-27M Avionics
MiG-27M AvionicsIntegrated Navigation And sighting Complex (44 LK System)
  • Inertial Navigation System
  • Centralized Digital Computer
  • Radio and Doppler Navigation
  • Stabilised Sight
  • Air Data Computer
  • Laser Ranging System
Flight Data Recorder (UZL TESTER)
  • Recording Duration of 3 Hours
  • Crash Protected Recording System
  • Records 38 Analogue and 32 Discrete Parameters