Welcome to HAL.

This website is designed to provide comprehensive and in-depth information about HAL. Our Company has spread its wings across the length and breadth of India and has made its presence felt in nearly 30 countries in the world. We are proud of our heritage, continuous growth and prosperity. Our website reflects our sense of vision - to be a significant global player in the aerospace industry.

HAL culture is characterized by its commitment to put “the customer first” in all its activities. We believe in ensuring continual improvement in all our activities. We make whole-hearted efforts to supply products and services that conform to the highest standards of design and manufacture. Our reliable products have won the precious customers in the field known for its complex technology with zero tolerance for slightest of quality aberration. Our challenge over the years has been to adapt quickly to our customers’ needs and demands.

Literally sky appears to be the limit for our growth. Our wide range of products includes trainer, transport and combat aircraft and helicopters, aero engines, communication and aerospace equipment. Our future products are even more fascinating: Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA), Intermediate Jet Trainers (IJT); Multi-role Transport Aircraft (MTA), heavy-lift helicopters, Hindustan Turbo Trainer-40 (HTT-40), Indian Multirole Helicopter (IMRH) etc.

Employees of HAL are inspired by our vision and are willing to go an extra mile to create value for the company and the economy. As you surf our website, you will discover our commitment to all facets of our business: transparency, customer care, quality, financial achievements, Research and Development, employee relations and Corporate Social Responsibility. We are keen to build on our success as these are exciting times for us. You too will feel so when you finish browsing our website.

(R. K. Tyagi)

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