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Dhruv (Advanced Light Helicopter)

With a proven track record and established technology for the manufacture of helicopters and its components, the Helicopter Division commenced series production of Dhruv (Advanced Light Helicopter - ALH) in 2000 - 2001. The ALH is a multi-role, multi-mission helicopter in 5.5 tonne class, fully designed and developed by HAL. Built to FAR 29 specifications, Dhruv is designed to meet the requirement of both military and civil operators.

Dhruv is designed to perform both utility and attack roles. With a twin-engine configuration, Dhruv allows continued flight virtually throughout the flight envelope. Dhruv incorporates a number of advanced technologies; Integrated Dynamic System (IDS), Anti-resonance Isolation System (ARIS), Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC), Hingeless Main Rotor, Bearingless Tail Rotor, and Automatic Flight Control System to name a few.

Basic Data
Length 15.87 m
Main Rotor Diameter 13.20 m
Height 4.91 m
Max. Take-off Weight 5500 kg
Useful Load 2600 kg
Cabin Volume 7.33 cu.m.
Fuel Capacity 1100 kg
Cruising Speed 250 km/ hr Max
Never Exceed Speed 295 km/h
Range 640 km
Endurance 3.7 h
Max. Oblique Rate of Climb 620 m/min
Service Ceiling 4500 m
  • Turbomeca TM 333-2B2 Twin Turbo-shaft Engine 746 kw (1000 SHP) each.

The Helicopter Division manufactures the versatile and multi-purpose Chetak Helicopters for civil and military applications both for Domestic and International customers. The Chetak helicopter is a multi-role, seven-seater Helicopter, spacious and simple in design. The Chetak is highly manoeuverable and well suited to flying over sea, tropical and desert conditions. The Chopper can be effectively deployed for a variety of civil and military roles that include communication, rescue, aerial survey, cargo & passenger transport and combat. Armed with missiles and torpedoes, it also caters to the exacting requirement of anti submarine and anti tank warfare. The automatic starting system gives the Chetak an uncommon instant start capability cutting down the time from start to take-off to less than a minute. With an all up weight of 2200 kg it can cruise at 185 kmph covering a range of 500 km and has endurance of 3.40 hours.

Basic Data
Empty Weight 1200 kg
Max. All up Weight 2200 kg
Main Rotor Diameter 11.020 m
Overall Length (Rotor Rotating)
12.84 m
Overall Width (Blade folded)
2.590 m
Overall Height 2.97 m
Fuel Capacity 575 L.
Max. Speed 210 kmph
Cruising Speed 185 km/hr
Service Ceiling 3250 m with 2200 kg.
Range 500 km. at an altitude of 2000 m
Endurance 3.4 hrs. at an altitude of 3250 m and weight 2200 kg.
Rate of climb (SL) 4.3 m/s at weight 2200 kg.


The Cheetah is simple in concept and rugged in construction. This HAL version of Aerospatiale Lama SA 315, is a lightweight high performance helicopter, specially designed for operations over a wide range of weight, centre of gravity and altitude conditions. It is powered by the tried and trusted. Artouste-IIIB engine, also manufactured at HAL under licence from Turbomeca of France. The turbo-shaft engine produces 550 S.H.P. at 33500 rpm. The Cheetah also incorporates the latest technologies viz., hydraulic servo controls, ultra sensitive constant speed governor and an automatic starting system facilitating starting and take-off in less than a minute. With minimal adaptation it can be transformed into an excellent sprayer. Agile and highly manoeuverable, the Cheetah can carry external cargo up to 1 MT. The Cheetah also excels in observation, surveillance, logistics support, earth resource survey and rescue operations. The Cheetah comfortably seats five and can also operate in unfavorable environmental conditions.
Basic Data
Empty Weight 1090 kg
Max. All Up Wt. 1950 kg
Main Rotor Diameter 11.020 m
Overall Length
(Rotor Rotating)
12.910 m
Overall Width
(Blade folded)
2.380 m
Overall Height 3.090 m
Fuel Capacity 575 L
Max speed (Vne) 210 kmph
Cruising Speed 192 kmph
Service Ceiling 5400 m with 1950 Kg.
Range 560 km. at an altitude of 2600 m and weight 1950 kg.
Endurance 4.1 hrs. at an altitude of 5000 m and weight 1950 kg.
Rate of Climb 5.5 m/s at weight 1950 kg.


The Lancer Helicopter is a light attack helicopter developed by HAL as a cost-effective airmobile area weapon system. The basic structure of the Lancer is derived from the reliable and proven Cheetah helicopter.

The Lancer is optimized for anti-insurgency operations, close air support, suppression of enemy fire, attack on vehicular convoys, destruction of enemy machine gun positions and anti-armour applications.

The Lancer carries two jettisonable combination gun-cum-rocket pods, one each on the right and left side, on suspension points located on the armament pylon. A gun sight is provided for accurate aiming and firing by the pilot. Each pad carries one 12.7 mm gun and three 70 mm rockets.

Basic Data
Lancer Empty Weight 1350 kg
Total AUW 1950 kg
Rate of Firing 1100 rounds per minute
Max. Range (Gun)
6 km
Max. Range (Rockets) 3 km
Max Speed (Vne) 210 kmph
Service Ceiling 5400 m
Range 290 km
Endurance 2 h 30 min
Rate of Climb (SL) 5.5 m/s